All EZ Groomers come on a pallet fully assembled and will fit in the back of a standard pick up for easy unload at home


All EZ Groomers come on a pallet ready to use, NO assembly  Required. We can have them shipped to your farm, ranch, home or business. We have a great partnership with our freight carriers,  to get you the best rate for shipping. We do not add any pallet or crating fees.

Contact us today to see just how inexpensive shipping can be.

You can also use the contact form below, or give us a call for an immediate quote. These examples are to major cites. Your area may be in an area close to a major city but the freight companies charge extra to rural areas. The examples below are usually accurate examples but some areas can be higher.

Please call for a freight quote. We want to sell our Groomers, not sell shipping. We will get you the most economical shipping we can.



Here are a few examples of how inexpensive shipping can be.

Miami Florida 3281 miles 170.00
Richmond, Virginia 2879 miles 165.00 
Albany, New York 2964 miles 226.00
Houston, Texas 2382 miles 145.00
Phoenix, Arizona 1318 miles 145.00
San Diego, California 1061 miles 130.00
Fargo, North Dakota 1508 miles 185.00
Seattle, Washington 205 miles 120.00
Liverpool, UK 4658km 510.00
Brisbane, Australia 11735km 405.00
Dammam, Saudi Arabia 12037km 555.00
Santana, Brazil 10822km 525.00



Shipping Quote

  • ATV-4
  • ATV-5
  • ATV-6
  • EZ-4
  • EZ-5
  • EZ-6
  • EZ-7
  • EZ-8
  • EZ-8-3
  • EZ-10
  • EZ-10-3
  • EZ-12
  • EZ-12-3
  • Replacement Parts


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