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EZ Groomer
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 by Excalibur Farms

This is probably the best value for this kind of a drag. It levels, mixes and combs the arena very quickly.

 by Steve
Great Arena Groomer and Super Value!

We've been using the EZ Groomer for a year now on an outdoor sand riding arena and a covered clay/dirt arena. The depth and angle on the EZ Groomer can be set easily for each surface without tools just by changing the top link and height off the ground on the 3-point hitch. Getting great results with a 20HP tractor (Kubota BX25). One-person can load/unload on the tractor - much easier than the chain drag we were using previously. Very well constructed and a reputable company to do business with. Very pleased with this experience!

 by Linda
Great Groomer

Great for the price. Works well with low horsepower tractor, especially in the pastures. Awesome price point, I have had several Groomers, Arena rascal, Drag N Fly and TR3, this Groomer is better than all of them. They are less expensive and great customer service. Mike seems to be a arena guru, but very humble. Ask him about arenas and he seems to have an answer for every arena question we had. We bought a Groomer from them, but want to be clear we have no affiliation with them. We are very happy with the company and the product. A side note,,,, we needed some advise about our arena build. Mike, who I think owns the company was able to give us unbelievable amount of information about how to build an arena the correct way and how to avoid problems. I know I talked his ear off but he spent so much time patiently answering my questions.  There are a million opining's with horses and arenas. My opinion is call EZ Groomer


 by Mickey Brunelli
Thank you

Hi Mike, Just wanted to take a moment and compliment you on the quality of your product. We purchased an EZ8-HD in spring 2021; I have to say that this groomer is built well and has definitely proven to be worth the money. We drag the arena 2-3 times a week and the drag is holding up great. Be proud of what you are building! Moving forward we are getting ready to start hosting events and open practice days in our arena this spring. I\'d love to help advertise your drags if possible. I don\'t know if you have banners at all, but if you do and you are willing to send us one we would be more than happy to hang it up in the arena to help get your name out down this way. Thanks again for the great drag and Happy New Year! Mickey Brunelli - Valley View Ranch

 by Karen
Great Groomer

Good Morning Mike,

I cannot say enough good things about the EZGroomer! It has created a beautiful ring surface for me, and even graded out piles of added sand that was dropped by 3 triaxle trucks. (I've attached a couple of photos).

My neighbor watched for a while and then asked to borrow it as they have a near 100% clay ring that had packed horribly. After an hour of work yesterday it was greatly improved. Betty Gray, my neighbor, should be reaching out to you about getting their own groomer.

Betty is the CEO of Stirrups n' Strides, which is a non-profit therapeutic riding organization (also my next door neighbor and where I volunteer). They are trying to fundraise and obtain grants to add sand to their clay arena, purchase a groomer, as well as Fleet fiber footing. I mentioned that I'd reach out to you to see if there's any option for you to donate a groomer to them, or help with the cost.

Stirrups n' Strides would put a banner up in their arena mentioning the donation and EZgroomer would also be listed on their website. They host several Special Olympics events at their facility drawing participants from all over FL and also operate the therapeutic riding program for the Hillcrest School in Ocala, FL. Many of Stirrups n' Strides volunteers have their own farms and training facilities and are involved in the show circuits in the area, so there would be product exposure for you.

I'll let you coordinate further with Betty on her needs. The groomer certainly meets all of my expectations, and I can't believe I was able to grade out the piles with it without needing to backblade or scoop and spread them first!


 by Cindy
Superb service and quality!

I can’t say enough about this wonderful company! Mike took the time to explain the difference between all the different groomers so I could make the right decision for my footing and my tractor. It arrived this week and I LOVE IT!!! The quality is excellent and it was delivered in perfect condition. Easy to install on my tractor and it works perfect with my new Tru Tex footing. I couldn’t recommend them more highly!

 by Jay DeAngelis

We got a 6foot model and love it. It is on the tractor most of the time. When it needs to be removed or hooked up it is very easy. My daughter does it in minutes. Our ground is not the best but the EZ Groomer keeps the ground very useable. During the shut down for Covid the EZ Groomer has made keeping the horses in shape with riding areas closed. Very simple to use and worth the money

 by Eric Kumpf

I picked up a 6' ATV groomer from you on Thursday enjoyed talking with you. when I got back home that night I tried it out with the 3 point connection and was very happy with the ease of operation. I have had issues in the past with the rocking of the tractor causing high and low spots while using the rake attachment.

this EZ groomer is great, the horse rider (my wife) was very happy with the results in the arena it just paid for itself.


 by Tay
Great Groomer

I received my EZ Groomer early summer. My arena was all over the place on footing depth. Some areas deep other almost no depth at all. The EZ Groomer has over a period of time made the depth in my arena fairly uniform. Still have a bit of work to go but so far so good. Additionally the customer service has been exemplary!!

 by Drew Leonard
5 years and still loving it

I bought my ATV drag 5 years ago and have not had a problem with it. It is still going strong to this day. I have GEO Textile footing and Ezgroomer made me a drag with modified tines and basket roller.

 by Wendy. Macdonald
Very pleased

I have to say my husband and I are very impressed with how well our EZ groomer does. We both are into barrel racing so footing is top priority. We use to have a mill creek spinner which only touches the surface. We would always have to go out and disc the arena with the harrows after a good rain as the mill creek didn't dig it good. The EZ groomer makes it so easy. Digs way better then we thought it would. Well built so you can replace the tines easily. We got the 6 ft HD and my husband even dug up the pasture with it so we could reseed. Hands down Best Buy for the money and very fast shipping. Thank you EZ Groomer

 by Peter Moyers
Excellent product

I purchased this groomer about 5 months ago and it is fantastic! Not only is it the BEST value groomer that I could find on the market but it does and outstanding job with the footings of my ring. We leave it hooked up to our small tractor and I can groom the riding ring and the round pen in less than an hour. It has made it so much easier to do the job and so now of course the riders (and horses and farrier) are much happier because the rings are kept in better condition.
Thank you Mike, for manufacturing a very good quality product for a fair price!
North Carolina

 by Katie Bennett

I sent an inquiry email to EZ Groomer and Mike responded back to me within 24 hours. I purchased on a Saturday and had my unit by the following Friday. Best customer service and fastest shipping I have ever experienced! That being said we used it on Virgin ground today. I am beyond impressed and happy with what it has done for my new arena! So happy we went with this company. I would recommend them to anyone! Thank you Mike and EZ Groomer!

 by Don Hynds

Great drag, have used other brands that are 4x the price. Easy to setup

 by Sharon Potter

I can't say enough good things about this arena groomer. From ordering to shipping and then hooking it to my tractor, it was easy. Great price, and every bit as good as groomers costing three times as much! I say this from over 30 years experiencing as a professional trainer...I've used a lot of different drags, and now that I'm retired, with my two horses on my little farm, this one is my choice. Wish I'd had one 30 years ago!!

 by Will Mills
Best Bargain in Groomers

From Purchase to delivery The EZ Groomer was a bargain. Best price we could find on an arena groomer, used it for the first time and we were more than pleased ! A big THANK YOU TO MIKE AND EZ GROOMER from all the hands here at the Rockin' M/ .

 by Brian R
Amazing product!

Mike, I can't say it enough...this product is AMAZING! I built two sand volleyball courts and was tilling the 100' x 100' courts using a 24" tiller and killing my back and arms. I bought the EZ Groomer 2 years ago and it saved my life! It's a quality built product that does an amazing job of keeping the sand soft and even. AND...the customer service has always been great! If anyone is on the fence about buying this product, DO IT!

 by Diane

I love my EZGROOMER!!! It is so easy and efficient to use. I have used several other drags on our indoor and outdoor arenas, but my arena footing has never worked so well for me…and my horses, since buying this arena groomer. It easily keeps my footing consistent and level.

This groomer is sturdy and well made and Mike is wonderful to work with. One of my tires went flat, so I called Mike to see where I could buy a new one in the Eugene area. He immediately sent me a whole wheel…for no cost to me. That’s impressive, this day and age!

If you have a riding arena and you are serious about taking good care of your horses, then you can’t go wrong with this groomer. I researched long and hard before deciding on purchasing the EZGROOMER ….and I am so very happy with my decision.

I highly recommend the EZGROOMER!!!

 by Robert Monczka

We have had our EZ groomer for a year and a half now and it is a great product . It is made very well is easy to use. It does an excellent job with the footing in our outdoor and indoor rings. Our rings have never been in better condition. It does a better job then other drags that are twice the price. Mike is very knowledgeable about the product and stands behind it 100 percent and is a pleasure to deal with.

 by Cindy Deaton
Thanks Mike

After doing lots of research I decided on EZ groomer. Mike was responsive, and very helpful. The EZgroomer is well made - heavy construction and quality parts. It does a great job and is easy to operate. I had to pull mine with my truck as my tractor had problems and it worked fine. I got the 7' model so it would cover truck tires. Makes quick work of my outdoor arena. Thanks Mike! The sign was a bonus - very nice!

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